Fast Towing for Any Car, Any Time

Johnson’s Towing and Recovery, LLC is proud to be one of the fastest full-service towing companies in Columbus, OH. We’re available around the clock with 24/7 service and cover an area with a 30-mile radius. The price of our light duty tows may vary depending on the vehicle, but they’re always honest and fair for honest work. Our family business places a heavy emphasis on customer safety and satisfaction, so we stick with you until you no longer need our services and are ready to drive again.

When we say we tow any vehicle, we include rollback tows for cars that have suffered heavy damage. Our crew is extremely careful and loads your car slowly and steadily to ensure it doesn’t get any worse. We’re used to handling both heavy and delicate cars and take every precaution for yours.

What We Do When You Don’t Need a Tow

Not every breakdown or stranded driver needs a tow, and that’s where the second part of our name comes in. We offer several auto recovery services to get you behind the wheel again and help you drive yourself to a repair shop if needed. Sometimes all that’s required is a quick fix to give your vehicle enough life to make a short drive, and that’s no problem for us. Whether your battery needs a jumpstart or a flat tire needs to be switched out, we can do it. Our business has been working with all kinds of cars for more than 22 years and is fully prepared to offer whatever yours needs.

This roadside assistance even extends to lock out service. We know how frustrating it can be to lock your keys in your car or trunk, but rest assured there’s no reason to worry. Our team has all of the tools needed to unlock your car without damaging it, and we do it quickly so you can resume your routine or travel plans right away. Even if for some reason we can’t unlock your car, we can certainly tow it so you can get it to someone who can.

Getting You and Your Equipment From Here to There

The powerful technology and vehicles at our company enable us to do plenty of heavy lifting. Not only do we offer winch out service for customers who find themselves stuck, but we can haul equipment also. All you have to do is let us know what it is you want moved and where, and we’ll handle the rest. We haul both equipment and customers’ entrenched cars safely and carefully at a brisk pace.

No matter what your circumstances are, we’re positive we can help. Contact us to find the solution to your car trouble.