Your Go-To When You Need to Get Going

Moving equipment to a new site can be a tricky job for the inexperienced transporter, but Johnson’s Towing and Recovery, LLC is well-prepared to handle any equipment transportation work in Columbus, OH. We serve all kinds of customers and cargo through various types of towing and complete jobs on schedule. After more than 22 years of experience, we’ve got equipment hauling down to a science. All we need to know is what you want us to move and where to. Even delicate jobs like damaged cars are an easy task for us.

We adhere to any and all special requirements or guidelines when hauling equipment, so you can be sure that it arrives safely. We know how expensive and necessary these types of items are and always keep that in mind when working. Our crew operates within a 30 mile radius and knows the area inside and out, so there shouldn’t be any problem getting your load where it needs to be.

Save Yourself Trouble and Choose Our Experts

Heavy equipment hauling is a complicated task, and one that could lead to danger if done wrong. Therefore, hiring a qualified company is of the utmost importance. With our many years in business, 24/7 service, and powerful movers, there’s no question we’re the ones for the job. We’re fully insured and meet all federal regulations for towing and equipment transport, so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong. Our team believes in honest work for honest pay.

Because we’re professionals who know how to make equipment moving go fast, you save time and money when you use our service. A less experienced mover will make the job take longer and likely end up costing you much more money if they make any mistakes. That’s not the case with us, because we keep your cargo safe and do the job correctly the first time. We take care of loading and unloading as well as transporting, so as soon as you give us the details, your work is done.

We Can Haul Your Car Too

Because our main service is towing, our equipment movers are trained to haul more than just equipment. We also offer winch out service as part of our roadside assistance work. Whether you’re stuck in a ditch or a pile of snow, sand, or mud, we send someone over to you quickly and get your vehicle out safely. Call us anytime you need a lift, and we’ll be there soon.

Getting heavy loads from here to there has never been easier. Contact us to get started.